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Scholarship Appeal Letter

To the Head of the Scholarship Committee,

Greetings of Peace!

I am Elisha Fortworth, an incoming 4th year college student of the University of California. I am writing to appeal for the reconsideration of my current scholarship status, which is for “partial scholarship”. This is because I have incurred incomplete grades for the reason that a few of my professors were not able to pass the said grades on time.

A national teacher’s convention was held on the week that the final grades were supposed to be passed by our professors. They were not able to complete the grades in time for the deadline that was given by your committee because the convention was unplanned. It was, however, a requirement for all of them to attend the said calibration so they were left with no choice but to choose a higher priority over another one. In this case, the calibration was more important.

I hope that you reconsider my plea. A letter from one of my professors explaining the said matter is attached together with this letter. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my appeal.


Elisha Fortworth

Graduating Scholar

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