Appeal Letters

Appeal Letter Format

Appeal letters are written to ask for the reconsideration of a decision that was not in your favor. Below is a format of an appeal letter that you can use:

  1. Include a letterhead so that the reader will know your credentials and will handle the matter professionally and with urgency.
  2. Instead of general salutations, address a particular person.
  3. The first paragraph should contain an introduction of yourself and your concern. Write how the reader will be able to help you. For example, I am writing to appeal for the reconsideration of (insert concern). Remember to keep a polite tone to show that you are being objective and professional about the matter at hand.
  4. The second paragraph should include facts that will support your appeal. You can refer to guidelines of the contract that you both signed or you can narrate particular events that have occurred to prove your claim.
  5. You can also refer to testimonials made by persons relevant to the reader and to your case.
  6. The last paragraph should summarize your intentions and remember to thank the reader for taking the time to read your appeal.

Download Appeal Letter Format