Warning Letters

Sample Warning Letter


Jessica Parker

Sr. Executive

Operations Department

JBC Pvt. Ltd
Nottingham, UK
January 27 2010

Subject: Warning for not being punctual to the office

Dear Ms. Parker,

We have been observing that you are reaching the office late by almost half an hour every day. We understand that there may be some urgency due to which you may reach late for a day or two. However, you have made it a practice. On questioning your supervisor about the same, we came to know that he has already given you a verbal warning two three times but you don’t seem to mend your ways.

We are thus issuing you this letter as a written warning for not being punctual to the office since last one month. Please take this note very seriously. If you continue coming late even after this, we would be forced to take some strict action which may hamper your professional growth.

I hope to see you in the office on time from now on.


George Brown

HR Head

JBC Pvt. Ltd

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