Reference Letters

Sample Reference Letter


Mr Blake,


Sales department,

YBZZ departmental store


The manager,

Sales department,

AllStar mall

Dear sir/ madam,

Considering that this letter will find you in the busiest of the time, I would not like to take much time and I will be directly to the matter of concern. I, Mr Blake, have had the opportunity to work with a person who has currently applied for a job as a junior manager under you. The person has been working under me for a period of almost 32 months and there has not been any area of dissatisfaction with his work in the entire period. The resume of his will have the other details which are worth considering.

The letter has been drafted on a very hesitant free basis and all the views are subject to my considerations. If you feel anything adverse regarding the conduct of the concerned person then feel free to act. The only intent of this letter was to assist you to get a worthy work companion.

Yours truly,

Mr Blake.

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