Office Letters

Sample Office Letter


Maverick Hudson,

23rd Flowers Avenue,

New York 567826


Vicky Denver,

Beach Hotels and Resorts,

New York 548770

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you regarding our branch office being celebrating annual event on 29th December 2009.  I hereby would like to take into consideration your permission to authorize the billing of expenses incurred during the event.  This event is being organized every year as you are aware of it.  We see no major changes in our planning and the event will take place at our premises.  All the necessary arrangements have been made till date.

We here in our office wish that you and your mates could come up at our office during that event to make it bigger.  Though I can understand that its hard on your part considering that distance and time is a barrier, we will certainly be happy with your wishes as always you have secured for us.

We would also like to see this kind of event happening twice a year considering that we are working hard and providing better output than any other branches of us.

Yours Sincerely,

Maverick Hudson

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