Grievance Letters

Sample grievance letter

Fredric Fernandez

202 North Central Ave,

Phoenix, Arizona 85004.

Charles Dickson

401 West Clarendon Avenue,

Phoenix, Arizona- 85013.


Sub: Complaint letter

Dear Mr. Dickson,

I am staying at your house for rent for the last five months. This letter is to inform you about the problems I face due to heavy rains in our city.  Due to heavy downpour there is lots of leakage and thereby large quantity of water has collected inside the house. And the drainage system of the house is also not appreciable.

Rain water gets stagnates over terrace and seeps through the ceilings. This causes serious damage to my household electronic items. Also this may cause serious damage to the wallpaper and wood work inside the house.

I request to deal with this problem as soon as possible as we can expect heavy rains in the upcoming days.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours truly,

Fredric Fernandez

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