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Sample Goodbye Letter


John Williams,

10021, Main Street,

Los Angeles,


March 13, 2011

Dear John

It is bit emotional moment for me to bid goodbye to you and your family. But it is the fact I am leaving your home by evening. Since you are not available at home that is why I decided to bid you good bye with help of this letter.

I cannot forget your welcome when I first come in this house, during my entire life. It is the great feeling of living with you and your family for couple of days. I am really not going to forget all these moments in my life. I still remember your wedding anniversary party where we enjoyed a lot. Even I cannot forget your son’s birthday party. All these moments have become unforgettable memories of my life.

In order to keep in touch with you I have taken your contact number from the home. Since I will not be able to meet you in the evening therefore, I have given here my contact details by which you will be able keep in touch with me. Mobile- 9010203040, email id- where you can contact me

Thank you once again for your hospitality,

Good bye my friend,

Your best friend,

Andrew Hopes,

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