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Sad Goodbye Letter


Mr. Robert Thomas,

10010, Main Street,

Los Angeles,


March 13, 2011.

Dear Robert,

It is very sad to inform you that it is the last letter I am sending you from the Los Angeles. I would like to bid you good bye as I am leaving Los Angeles today, I am going London for my further studies today. Today I will leave this country for 3 three years by the evening.

I am feeling very sad because we will not be able to meet again for three years. I still remember the first day when we met. It has been the most memorable day of my life. I still remember how you helped me during my hard time when I got an accident in the school. All your favors have just made me yours owe.

I do not where you will be after three years when I will return to my home. I hope that we will meet through our emails. Please take my email id for the contact. Keep updating your status through the emails. Wish you all the best for your future.

Good Bye, hope will see you soon in future.

Yours Heartedly,

Pamela Richardson

10030, Main Street,

Los Angeles,


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