Fax Letters

Sample fax letter

Sample fax letter

Kary Mc weigh

12-15 Fenton way,


Essex, 15 0989



43/52, Middleton

456 E, Drachmann


Phoenix, AZ 67897


Dear Ms. Rachel

We are very sorry to say that your application has been rejected as it had many faults in them and I’ll be quoting them in a short span of time. You are not qualified for the job as the job demands an MS holder and you are only a graduate. In the whole letter you have not mentioned the Passport and Visa details which doubt your genuineness. You said you are from India and then you have not mentioned anything about the green card. Do you have H1B visa? If so kindly upgrade your candidature as it falls short of information. For now we have rejected it, if you have an updated profile you have to re apply after 6 months. Sorry for the inconvenience and make sure you send your completed profile next time.

Yours sincerely

Kary Mc Weigh

(HR Manager)

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