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34/98, Down Street

Phoenix, AZ 879098


Bill Marx

67, M Du Pont

17, Drachmann,

Phoenix, AZ 87909


Dear Mr. Bill Marx:

We are very sorry to inform you that your cargo on airbus 67 is destroyed by aircraft accident. Result of which is you will be facing a loss of millions of dollars. Hope you have got them insured. The news came this afternoon, when the airmen passed on the news to our department. The cargos got burnt completely in air and not a single unit is left. The packers and movers are not at fault as the aircraft was loaded independently without the inclusion of Movers Company. Moreover, the aircraft is completely burnt and the pilots are injured. The accident could have been proved fatal to them.  The cargos were boarded directly from their storage unit area only to meet with such a fate. We are very sorry for the loss.

Yours faithfully


(Deputy Manager)

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