Courtship Letters

Sample courtship letter

Mr. Alex Jones

1698 Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80252

December 6, 2010

Ms. Danah Louis

St. Antoine Street
Detroit, Michigan 48266

Everdearest Danah,

I write this letter with the most heartfelt wish that you are in excellent health.  I dearly enjoyed the group dinner we had last week with friends and the conversations we have had over the phone ever since.  I want to tell you that you are such an endearing and lovable woman.  Your intelligence and wit have captured my heart.  As I learn more about you day by day, my infatuation with you is growing.  I have found nothing but great things about you and more and more, I find that we share so many things alike.

I miss you so when we are not together.  Every time I eat at the diner we went to, I remember your infectious laugh and beautiful smile.  I do hope we could spend more time together, every day if you would allow.  I love you so, Danah, and I hope you would let me take care of you more.



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