Appreciation Letters

Sample Client Appreciation Letter


Mr Smith,

General Manager,

The Mall,



Mr Will,

E -4, Bridgeton Archway,


Dear Mr Will,

I, Mr Smith, am writing this letter on behalf of the entire management of The Mall. This letter is a word of appreciation for the continuous trust which you have entrusted on us. This week marks tenth year on a stretch for which you have been our client. You have been one of the oldest clients for The Mall. We appreciate the trust which you have shown in us and have always tried to deliver the expected service.

As a part of the appreciation from our side, we wish to offer membership to the elite customer group. This membership shall help you fetch gains and bargains on almost all the goods and services. This is an exceptional service offered only to the regular and precious clients of The Mall. I hope you accept this membership along with our appreciation.

Yours gratefully,

Mr Smith

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