Cancellation Letters

Sample Cancellation Letter


Tom Riddle,

Bakers Street,




Dolphin swimming club

Dear sir/madam,

This letter is for intimating you that I, Tom Riddle, want to cancel the subscription which I have acquired for a lifetime membership for your swimming club. This subscription has been made six weeks earlier, although I have not attended the club swimming sessions for last 3 weeks. The thing persuading this step from my side is that I have secured a job which does not has any time constraints and I hardly get any time to avail to my subscription to the swimming club.

It was a very pleasant experience by getting associated with your club. It would be very convenient if you could send a written affirmation of this cancellation. And if such an affirmation fails to reach me in 10 days, I would assume that the cancellation has been done successfully. The accounting details shall also be attached to the reply to this cancellation plea from your side.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Riddle.

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