Appointment Letters

Sample Appointment Letter


Mr. Scott Symonds

8th palmer Ave, Winter park,


12th December,2011

Subject: Appointment letter for the position of Network Administrator for Microsoft Windows Domain.

Respected Sir

With reference to your application and our discussions, we have finalized your profile for the network administrator position in Microsoft windows domain. You are requested to join our organization and we are offering you a remuneration of $2500 per month. You’ll be posted in our Agoura hills branch in California.

You will be entitled to benefits as per company policies in force time to time.

You are required to report on 21st December 2011. If you do not report undersigned on this date the job offer shall stand automatically withdrawn

Please return the duplicate copy of this letter duly signed confirming your acceptance.

We look forward to your joining our team for a long and successful association.

Yours’ sincerely

Jane Parker

HR & Operations Head,

McClain Networks.

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