Solicitation Letters

Sales Solicitation Letter

John Williams,


Williams and Sons Inc,

New York-11701,

June 04, 2011

Dear Sir,

With this letter we would like to solicit your support for the sales our company’s products. We have heard a lot about your company that it supports small and new business to get established in the market. We have just started the business of supplying raw material to chemical manufacturing companies.

Since you are a chemical giant, we hope that you would make some purchase of our products and will help us in getting recognized in the eyes of the prospective customers.

We hope that you will take our request in your due consideration and provide us an opportunity to make sales to your company. If you make bulk purchases from us then we can also provide you handsome discounts.

We are looking for an affirmative reply to our request.

Thank you,

Yours Truly,

Kenneth Thompson


Thompson Chemical


New York-11702


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