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Sales Manager Cover Letter

15th July 2007

Ms. Olivia John,

General Manager (Sales)

Keller Associates

34 Wilfred Park

Fairfield CT 06815

Dear Ms. John,

I am interested in applying for the post of Sales Manager as advertised in the Fairfield Times and submit my resume for the same.

I have been working as Assistant Sales Manager at Sunshine Products for the past 6 years and have often stood in for the Sales Manager in his absence. I have demonstrated laudable leadership skills at my earlier job. I am known to be a lateral thinker and strategic planner. My excellent communication skills and affable nature make me a natural leader and team player and ultimately lead to growth and development of the business.

I am available for an interview instantly and you may contact me at (203) 777-6546 at your convenience.

I would like to thank you for considering my application and hope that you will call me at your earliest.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Hilton

Robert Hilton

Encl. Resume

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