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Cover Letter Format

A cover letter is very important and needs to be well drafted and presented, in order to make your resume more attractive. While many find the process of drafting a cover letter daunting, it is very simple actually. You can easily divide the cover letter into three parts, the first being the reason for writing it, the second your qualities and qualifications and the third is the follow up.

At the outset, you have to clarify your reason, be it a response to an advertisement or response to a referral or even prospective job hunting; you have to state it clearly. This will clarify your interest in the job being offered. Many people often forget to clarify their interest and this leads to cover letters being chucked into the dustbin

Second and most important part of a cover letter is the description part. This is where you clinch the deal by making yourself suitable for the role and job. While writing this part it is important to understand the needs of the company and ensure that your qualities and capabilities match it totally.

The third part of the cover letter is where you can directly seek an interview or hint at an interview. You can either be direct and leave your number or can be more forward and let the person know that you will call in a few days time to find out the outcome. At the end however, you should not forget to thank the reader for his or her time.

Finally, all cover letters must be addressed to a person. It is very important to add a name to the cover letter as it reflects your seriousness and personal touch.

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