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Sales Letter For A New Product

Dear customer,

We are proud to inform you that next month we will be launching our new product Kitchen Bullet, which will be a one stop solution to all your vegetable slicing, mincing, and dicing problem.

With our new product, you will be able to do all the work in matter of minutes, which previously took you an entire day. With Kitchen Bullet in your kitchen, the experience of cooking food will never be the same again.

As you are one of our most valued customers, we would like to give you a live demo of our new product, after which if you like, it will be delivered to you at 45 % discount immediately. Please confirm the date and time of the demo by calling on this number: 99999999

We hope we will again stand up to your expectations as we have so far.

Thanking you,

Faithfully yours,

Aryan Singh

Product Manager

XYZ Pvt. Ltd

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