Marketing Letters

Sales and Marketing Letter

Ms. Dian Mills,

General Director,

Talkmore telecom,

Box 143,


30th March 2010

Dear Ms. Dian,

Talkmore is a communication service. We offer mobile phone service at international level. We have our company base set up in France and our operating services have been extended to countries like USA, UAE, UK, Canada and now India also joins the list. The highlight of our services is that we have standard low costs for the calls that are made to the other networks. However, when it comes to calling the people with the same network, the rates are even lesser. There are call cost related packages that are available through out for better customer satisfaction. We also provide internet related services, where in we have quick browsing.

With clear voice and amazing browsing speed, we promise you even more schemes like these. If you sign up within 6 months you are also in for free calls service from 6 pm to 12 pm throughout the state. For further details, contact the customer desk.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Peter,

Marketing Manager,

Talkmore Telecom

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