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Business Marketing Letter

March, 2010

Bluebridge General Manager,

Kansas City

26th Street

Dear Ms. Dorris,

The package that you are holding right now consists of something that will come across as a likeable product by many. Yes, I am talking about the polythene bag that is in your hand. The quality of the bag can be well judged by the feel of it and I am sure your finger tips must have liked the feel of it.

If you are a person who likes to carry things in one bag and want something strong enough that can carry your possessions, then classic plastic bags is the call. They are stylish to be carried around. If you want to make sure that none notice what is in the bag, and then be it. It’s your call. You get these bags for 1 $ and make sure that it is not see-through. You can carry it and feel good about it.

Yours faithfully,


David cook,

Marketing Manager

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