Retirement Letters

Retirement Letter to Client


Mr. Peter George

Head Purchase department

Elgin software Ltd

A-9, First floor

Elgin, Morayshire

4 September 2011

Subject: Retirement Letter to Client

Dear Mr. George

I am retiring from the position of senior product supplier from Gland Group of companies. My retirement will be effective from 15th September 2011 of this year.  Before leaving I would like to thank you for constantly buying various products from our company. It was indeed a pleasure working with you. You have always worked on fair terms and I feel myself lucky to have you as my client.

You have been very supportive and co-operative in terms of product deliveries and payments. We would like to continue serving you in the future as well. I am sending the details of the person who will be joining in my position. You can get in touch with him for future correspondences.

Thanking you

Paul A. Joy

Senior Product Supplier

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