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Resume Cover Letter

Date: 24 April 2009

John Smith

Human Resource Manager for Recruitment

NHT Network

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington DC 20502

(914) 555-2909

Dear Mr. Smith:


In response to your advertisement in your website last week, I am applying for a position of Production Artists. I have all the skills and qualifications you require for the position.

I have been working as a production artist for more than four years now. I am an in-house designer for the local CBS in Florida. In addition, I do freelance production jobs for advertisement companies during my free time. My work has proved of my artistic genius and uniqueness when it comes to coming up with a new and rare idea for a television show or commercial, print or media. I also have several certifications with different photography courses.

Attached is my resume where you can see my qualifications for this job. It will show you how dedicated I am when it comes to my craft. I also included a link to my online portfolio in case you may want to check on it.

I will be waiting for your call to verify our interview for a more in depth talk about how I can become an asset to your company. Thank you for your consideration.



Jack Thomas

Enclosure Resume.

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