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Date: 4 April 2009

John Smith

Human Resource Manager

White Mountain Finance Company
1210 W. Valley Drive

Los Angeles, CA 19742
(914) 555-2909

Dear Mr. Smith:


I am applying for a clerkship in your office. I am graduating this month with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Finance College of the Hampton University. I have enclosed a copy of resume for your perusal. In addition, there are two reference letters from my professors in the university.

I am currently at the East coast but I will be moving to California right after graduation. I had my internship from the famous finance office of the Aqua Finance Outsource, Inc. I am very well versed with the application and usage of the newest and efficient software designed for clerical works. I would like to pursue a career in your company to improve further my skills by applying my knowledge in practical clerical jobs.

I would like to discuss my qualification with you on your available time. I hope we can set an interview to discuss further my fit for this position. I will be waiting for your notice through my cell phone or e-mail. Thank you for your consideration.



Jack Thomas

Enclosure Resume.

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