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All resumes have to be accompanied by a good and well drafted cover letter, as this will ensure consideration of the resume for the job. While drafting a cover letter accompanying a resume, it should not be a summary of the resume but it should reflect all the factors that are either missing from or ambiguous in the resume.

First part

It is important to mention in the body of the cover letter that you are attaching the resume for further scrutiny and action. You can highlight the points from your resume that you feel will definitely make the reader consider the attached resume. You could mention qualifications in some cases, where it may act as a selling point. However, the cover letter should largely reflect your experience and achievements, which your resume will not cover directly.

Second Part

In a resume cover letter, you should describe your various abilities, whether it is customer satisfaction, awards for best performer, industrious and sincere nature, accuracy and such qualities that will enable the employer to decide. Motivation and interest in work are two factors that should be mentioned to catch the eye of the employer.

Third Part

Finally, you should thank the person for considering your application and should leave your number for future calls regarding interviews. It is important to address all cover letters to individuals as this gives it a professional touch and also shows the amount of effort you have put in to get the name, which in turn shows your interest in the job.


Yours faithfully, truly, sincerely etc.

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