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How to Write a Cover Letter

Resumes without cover letters are less likely to be considered by any employee and hence it is important to send all resumes with a cover letter. Many wrongly feel that a cover letter is just a summary of the resume and end up sending it only to have it rejected. A proper cover letter is one where you express interest in the job, state reasons for applying and also for being considered.

Many a times we are faced with the question as to how to write a cover letter that will ensure consideration of our application. Well, the answer is very simple and before embarking on it, you have to identify the person you will address the cover letter. After having done that, you have to state the reason for the application, be it a response to an advertisement or referral. Afterwards you have to state your interest in the present position and your suitability.

In the body of the cover letter you have to ensure you cover all points of your achievement and qualities that perfectly match with the requirement of the company. This is absolutely necessary as this will make you the perfect solution for their problem and will ensure that your resume is considered.

Finally at the end, you should not forget to thank the person for his or her time and also prompt any future contact that is required. You could leave your telephone number or state that you will call later. It is imperative that you do so as this confirms your interest in the job and also your availability.

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