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Restraining Order Letter


Benjamin Richard [adverse party]                                                          Date: 5th June 2012

16, Lansdowne Street

Philadelphia, PA 4412

CC: Mary Richard [applicant]

41, Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 4588

Subject: Restraining Order Issued By The District Court

Dear Mr. Richard,

It has been stated by the applicant on (restraining order application number-401) that you (adverse party) are committing and /or committed the crime of harassment and aggravated stalking against the applicant who is by relation your sister.

Therefore, abiding by the terms conferring to the domestic laws (clause no 445), a temporary restraining order has been issued against you. Furthermore, the court would also prohibit you from ignoring this order. It would remain valid till 6months from the date of issuing and during this period the court would keep a close vigilance on you in order to restrain you from committing any threatening act on the applicant.

However, extension of the above-mentioned order would only be done by the court following a legal proceedings on the case filed.


John S. Byrne


Pennsylvania Eastern District Court

702 Commercial Street, Room no 7801

Philadelphia PA 4566

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