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Resignation Acceptance Letter

Jacob Oram,

102, Orange Street,






Columbia University,

New York-564236,


Dear Sir,

Ref- Resignation letter dated 2/1/2011 from the post of ASST. PROF.

I, Jacob Oram have been assistant professor in your University for last two years. With some personal problem I am not able to continue to work on this post in future. For the same I have already submitted the resignation letter to you. I have also mentioned my problem in detailed in the resignation letter which you can see for your reference.

It has been almost one and half month since I have submitted the resignation letter but yet I have not received any confirmation of resignation from your side. I have also inquired about the confirmation of my resignation in the office of the University but I did not get the clear answer from the staff. Therefore, I once again request you to kindly accept my resignation and please let me inform about the confirmation of the resignation as early as possible from your side.

I shall highly oblige if I get prompt response from you.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Jacob Oram

(Assistance Professor)

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