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Reschedule Interview Letter


Larry King

Sun Set Apartments

5612 Long Drive Road

New Carolina, South Dakota 5678

Dated:  12th of April 2012

Subject: Rescheduling of the interview.

Dear Larry,

This is to inform you that your interview which was scheduled to take place on 15th of April 2012 for the position of an assistant manager has been rescheduled. The new interview date will be 20th of April 2012.

There were few reasons for us to take this decision. We have some delegates visiting us on 17th of April 2012. As a result we will have to make few plans for the meeting with the delegates as it is very essential for the business of the organization.

I understand that you may have to go through inconvenience as the interview date has been rescheduled. We would like to apologize in that regards and hope to see you on the rescheduled date.


Nathan Lane

HR Manager

Gas Garments Limited.



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