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Request to Expedite Payment

Mr. Earl M. Scott
Director, Project XYZ
Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel
9552 South Santa Monica Boulevard
London LN80GB United Kingdom
(301) 551-2777

Dear Mr. Scott

Re: To Ensure Expedite Payment of Eighth Installment- Contract HT-11-98768

Please accept our sincere thanks for your active cooperation and assistance since the inception of the project. However, we would like to invite your attention to our inability of going further in the last phase of proposed hotel construction in view of severe cash crunch. With project in its final phase, approximately 90% of construction is complete. Thus entire work ranging from the fire protection system to the water reservoir service with 6 days water reserve is completed as planned in the project’s outline report.

However we have not still received the final installment due to which we are unable to complete the project within the pre-set deadlines. Thus, we kindly request you for your speedy sanction so as to facilitate us to keep our words for which we are known for. Furthermore, the delays in the phase of completion of the projects also influence its overall cost. So any further suspension is surely going to increase its cost as the overrun projects are only over cost ones. Thus, in our mutual interests we request you to take care of it.

Therefore please find the attached invoice for a payment of $45,999.00 for contract HT-11-98768. In case of any doubt, please feel free to contact me on the aforesaid number or on my mobile.

Thank you in anticipation of your kind cooperation in the mutual interest ASAP.


Nicholas M. Sams

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