Termination Letters

Rental Termination Letter

David Tuffy,

2563, Deer Park,

Washington- 99125,


June03, 2011

Mr. Gerry Jackson,

2563, Deer Park,

Washington- 99252


Dear Mr. Jackson,

Sub- Termination of Rental

Ref- Rental Agreement No. 23432, Dated May 10, 2010

With this letter I would like to inform you that our rental agreement is getting terminated on this June10, 2011. I would like to inform you that I am not in mood of extending the rental agreement for more months. I hereby request you to vacant my house as early as possible after the termination of agreement because we want to shift one of our sons in that house who has just recently got married last month.

I would also like to appreciate you as a good tenant of my house who has been very honest and regular with the payment of rent. I would also like to help you if you want in finding new rented house in the city.

I hope that you have understood our need and expect early reply to the letter.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

David Tuffy

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