Termination Letters

Rental Agreement Termination Letter

Richard Hadley,

Owner of City Shop No. 101,

12546, Albertson,

New York- 117012


William Richardson,

1452, Albertson,

New York- 11710


Dear Mr. Richardson,

Sub- Termination of Rental Agreement

Ref- Rental Agreement No. 10101, dated May 10, 2010

I hereby inform you that I am terminating the rental agreement that I have with you as mentioned in the reference dated May 10, 2010. We need the shop to start our new business which we are planning to start from next month onwards. So, we want the shop vacant for the same purpose.

I hereby by request you to vacant the shop as early as possible. We ready to refund your deposit for the same as and when you want. We thank you for your regular payment of the rent. We would also like to refer you some other shops that you can take on the rent.

We expect early reply to this letter from your side.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Hadley

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