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Reimbursement Claim Letter


George Pitt


EDS Technologies

San Diego, CA

Date: 13-12-2011

Subject: Claim letter for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Dear Mr. Pitt

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have joined back the office after my official tour to Dallas, Texas. This letter is in reference to the re-imbursement amount that is due for me, to settle down the travel expenses that I made during this trip.

I was on official trip to Dallas for four days. The total expenditure during this trip was $5800 which comprises of the Hotel Bill, Taxi fare, food expenses and my travel allowance. I have attached the necessary documents like all the bills, completed reimbursement form, Official letter for the trip for your perusal.

Kindly, clear this amount and add this to my this month’s salary so that it does not get delayed till next month. Hoping for a positive action from your side.

Yours’ sincerely

Mr. William Johnson,

Sales manager, EDS Technologies

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