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Recognize and Thank a Speaker

Dear Mr Spencer

I must first congratulate you and then appreciate you for delivering a lecture on human welfare which was very well received by all our staff besides the invitees whose august presence we requested to grace the occasion.

I must admit that you are a great orator in putting forth the salient points on the topic which are very much necessary for active consideration when taking up the real work on uplifting the under-privileged especially when the work that is currently going on is not satisfactory.

We recognize you as an authoritarian in the field you spoke and we all must approach you to take further guidance for uplifting the general welfare measures of people lacking even the basic minimum facilities.

Your speech should inspire more people to get into voluntary services and I will be the first person to join if anyone initiates to start the program.

Thank you once again for your time and for delivering the inspirational speech.

Very truly yours

Organizing Secretary

GIBS Social Welfare

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