Congratulations Letters

Real Estate Congratulations Letter


Peter Williams

132 Main Red Building, Lavender Street

New York

7th September 2012

Subject: Real estate congratulations letter

Dear Mr. Peter,

Let me take this opportunity to complement you and congratulate you on your new real estate property that is your new house! I hope that your shift to your new house would shift all the happiness and togetherness too.

I have seen you working so hard for over 5 years to achieve this real estate house at Lavender Street. It is very pleasant to see that you have finally reached up to your dreams to live and enjoy at your new home. I wish to congratulate your family members too on this happy relocation. The real estate house that you have purchased for yourself lies in the most lavish and lovely corners of the New York. When I saw the pictures of its interior, I was truly amazed. I am sure that you and your family members will share beautiful moments at your new place.

I again congratulate you for your buy of a real estate house. We hope to visit your home soon and listen to the stories of your unending hard work to achieve this property.

Heartiest congratulations!

Warm regards,

Joseph Marley

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