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Purchase Order Letter


Mr. Bob Marley

Sales Department

ASX Cloth Gallery


Date: January 25th 2012

Subject: Purchase Order for 100 Black Ties

Dear Mr. Marley,

I introduce myself as Joe Mathew, Administration Officer at Sunshine Elementary School. We have recently included black tie in our school uniform and therefore, need to place a purchase order for 1000 black ties for our school uniform shop.

We have already had a telephonic conversation with one of your staff members regarding the mode of payment and the amount to be paid for this purchase order and are thus sending the pay order along with this letter as per his instructions. We would request you to send the order at our school address which is 4/9, Crescent Road, Chicago.

This is not the first time we are dealing with you. We are aware about your quality and timely delivery and hope you meet our expectations this time as well.

Thanking you,

Joe Mathew



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