Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter to a Client

Newton Grange,

26 Southward Lane,

Swansea ,



323, Tavistock Rd,

Plymouth ,

Devon ,



This is a proposal letter about a new product that we are launching into the market and as per our in-house research, we have found that it is proposed to give a very good response from the consumers.

So, we would like you to accept this proposal to market our newly launched product and work on our behalf. In your city currently there are no such products but we understand that there is good demand for this product.

As per our research, we are sure that you will be successful in marketing this product and you will receive positive feedback from the consumers.

We are enclosing samples for your immediate view and also literature that can help to take a view about the usability and benefits of the product.

Please call us or mail us and give your approval about this product proposal so that we can proceed further.

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