Appeal Letters

Property Tax Appeal Letter


Chris Harris

Property Tax Commissioner

Regional Tax Collection Centre

56, Revenue Building, Central London


25TH June 2012

Sub – Property tax appeal letter.

Dear Mr. Chris

I am writing this letter to appeal against the property tax bill no 567/ER dated 20th July 2012 send to my residence. The property tax bill of $5000 has being calculated of my residence for the financial year 2012 -2013 by assuming the total value of my property at $500000. The value of my property was valued at $150000 by your department in the last financial year i.e. 2011-2012 for which I had paid a property tax of $ 1500 only. I would like to know the reason for which the value of my property has being increased by over three hundred% in just one year. Please do a proper enquiry into the matter so that I can get the property tax dues bill.

I strongly believe that you will take firm steps to bring down the property tax bill that has being send to my residence form your department. I will look forwards for positive reply from your side. Please let me know if any documents are needed from my side.

Yours Sincerely

James Hopes

(Property Owner)

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