Solicitation Letters

Political Solicitation Letter


Mr. Jeff Moore,

CEO, Vivian Industries

892 Gray Skies Street, New York

June 11, 2012

Subject: Solicitation letter requesting contribution in campaign fundraiser

Dear Mr Moore,

After being actively involved with the local government responsibilities since 1991 and working towards a positive change in society, my family and I have made a decision that I shall seek elected office. I want to share my experience and ideas to contribute towards the betterment of society by running for President of the County of Harris.

All throughout my life, I have been an honest and dedicated individual and I believe in these times of economic crisis, we need more jobs at the local level so that small businesses can prosper, leading to development of the community. I know there are many political opponents who say the same thing, but I grew up in this county and I know what the issues facing the community are. I have felt the despair of the people because I am a part of them.

Now in order to share my vision of a sustainable economy and increased employment, I would like to serve the people and hence seek your support toward my campaign. Any contribution you make will be much appreciated.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

John Wright

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