Fundraising Letters

Political Fundraising Letter


Lenny Bin

Finance Department Head

Tyson Finance Limited

21 Black Well Street

South hall, United Kingdom 4578

Dated: 10th of April 2012

Subject: Fund required for our political campaign

Respected Mr. Bin,

This is to inform you that we are campaigning for our political party Human Congress for this year’s election. We would be requiring a certain amount of fund in order to carry out our political campaign.

The candidate that we have nominated for this year’s elections for the post of youth minister is a young individual in his early thirties and has all the makings to be a youth icon. But a lot of campaigning needs to be done so that we can get the public vote.

We would like to request you help us in the fundraising process by contributing a certain amount. I hope that we would get a positive response from your end.


John Mayo

Fund Manager

Human Congress

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