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Physician Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

With great confidence, I am proud to recommend to you Mr. Norman Black for the position of assistant physician. I have been Mr. Black’s professor in medicine and I can say that he is an intelligent person with an exceptional talent in medicine.

As a person, Norman has a good personality and provides a professional working environment. He never had any conflicts with other students and never there were any complaints about his attitude.

Norman has an outstanding academic record in medicine. He was able to maintain high grades despite pressure and stress. He has also acquired much recognition due to his outstanding skills in surgery and medicine. Having a great leadership skill is also one of best characteristics of Norman. During his practicum, he was able to lead other students and he was able to share his knowledge at some point of the training.

I truly believe that letting him get a position in your hospital will enable him to enhance his skills in medicine and surgery. He will surely give a lot of contributions and future endeavors in your hospital.


Steven Chow

UNC medical school

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