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PhD Student Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Christine Sheridan has been an excellent student in our university. It is truly my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for PhD studies to a truly outstanding graduate. As the Dean of New Hampshire University, I am a witness to the performance of my graduates. Miss Sheridan has shown excellent performance in this institution. Apart from being the Dean, I am also the Research adviser of Miss Sheridan. I can attest to her perseverance and positive attitude.

Her academic performance in this school is exemplary. She has been a Dean’s Lister ever since she was in first year. She showed a remarkable academic record during her whole stay in this school.

Your institution offers the best PhD program in the region. Miss Sheridan will surely be an asset to your organization. She has much potential that your PhD program will surely enhance.

For further questions about Miss Sheridan, you can contact me on the numbers stated in my letterhead.


Jayson Brown


New Hampshire University

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