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Personal Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as my personal letter of recommendation for Roxanne Bellows. I have known her personally because she had worked for us for the past two years. I can say that she has improved a lot from the time she started working in the company.

One of her traits that I would like to share to you is her consciousness of time. Rarely does she get late when it comes to work and we can only count from our fingers the days she was absent.

When it comes to performance, she is one of the best this company has ever had. She always submits papers on time and she explains things fluently. I believe that she will improve more in life. Her sense of dedication is always in her and we in our department were able see it.

Though it is hard to see her go, our love for her to do more and be the best that she will ever be, is what outshines in our heart. We love to see her as a successful person in the future. We hope that your company will help her succeed and develop her inmost talents.

Don Chen

HRD Head

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