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Preschool Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Raymond Lee Chan has been a preschool teacher in St. Elena’s Learning Center for four years. As principal of the said institution, I can attest to the remarkable qualities of Mr. Chan.

Mr. Chan has a very professional approach to work. He comes on time and finishes all his teaching and non-teaching obligations. He is an excellent preschool teacher who has a nice and gentle attitude when it comes to his students. He is a favorite among all the other preschool teachers in our institution. He is also admired and respected among his co-workers.

Your school only accepts highly qualified teachers and instructors. Mr. Chan definitely meets your qualifications. He would truly be an asset to your school. His experience, expertise, perseverance and desirable work attitude will be surely suited to his position. I highly recommend Mr. Chan for a preschool teacher position in your organization.

If you have further questions about Mr. Chan’s background, you can call me on the contact numbers stated in my letterhead.


Ms. Therese Ann White


St. Elena’s Learning Center

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