Santa Claus Letters

Personalized Letter From Santa

Dear Jacob,

Hello Jacob, Merry Christmas! How are you this year? If you will ask me, I’d say you did great. I am happy that you behave well this year. You made several good things at school, in your community and even at home. Because of your good behavior, I will give you a special reward today as a Christmas gift from me.

Would you like to go to Disney Land and have fun there with your family? Yes! Haha! This is my Christmas gift to you! Shhh! don’t get too excited because I have another more surprise to you now check your gift under your Christmas tree.

I know it’s long been your dream to own a DS Computer game so I wrap it for you. Ho Ho Ho! I am very glad that you are a good boy this year little Jacob, and If you will continue to be a good boy next year You will receive whatever you want on next year’s Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas little Jacob!


Santa Claus

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