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Funny Letters To Santa

Dear Santa,

Hello Santa, I write to you because tomorrow is Christmas again. Last year you promise me to give whatever I want if I will be good.  Now I am good this year.

Here is my list of good deeds this year:

  1. Help Daddy to shave his hair
  2. I helped my classmates’ misery at school by initiating concerted snow fight, there were school damages but at least the school declared no classes
  3. I helped my grandfather remove his socks, although it’s kind of weird because there is a bad smell on it. I really don’t plan to use my grandpa’s sock to receive your gifts.

And for my wish….. My wish for this Christmas is an airport. Yes I want my own airport because you always give me an airplane every year. I do not have space at home for another airplane toy. My mom is always mad at me whenever I put them anywhere so I guess an airport is necessary.

P.S. Don’t tell my dad because he’s a pilot and I don’t want him to use it. Shhhh!


Little Nicky

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