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Santa Letters For Kids

Dear Little Johnny,

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Johnny!  Christmas is fast approaching again Johnny. Do you want a gift from me? Say yes and I will grant your wish! But hey, could you promise to me that you will be a good boy for the rest of the year?

Ok here is the deal. I’ll give you anything that you want and promise me to become a good little kid ok? Follow your Mommy and Daddy’s order and stay away from trouble. And there’s more, don’t sneak on the fridge to eat every night you’re getting bigger like me! Ho Ho Ho!

I will also send a gift to your big brothers and little sister but shhhhh! Don’t tell them as I am telling this only to you. Ho Ho Ho!

I will be wrapping your gifts soon so you better be a good boy little jhonny. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!!!


Santa Claus

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