Permission Letters

Permission Letter Template


Name (Write the name of the person from whom the permission is to be taken)

Designation (Mention his/ her designation, if applicable)

Company (Mention the name of the company to which he/ she belongs, if applicable)

Address (Write down the complete address of the company)

City/ State (Write down the name of the city and state)

Date (Write down the date on which this letter is being sent)

Subject: Permission for ______________ [task for which permission is to be taken] on/ for/due to ______

Respected Sir/Ma’am (You may even write Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. Last Name)

I am writing this letter to take your permission for ________ [task for which permission is taken] on behalf of ________ [name of the person/department on whose behalf the permission is taken]. I hope you understand our need for _____ ____ _____ [reason for taking permission].

You have always supported us in every decision and I would be highly grateful if you allow us to ________ [task] this time as well.

I anticipate a positive response from your end.

Thanking you,

Name (Mention the name of the sender)

Designation (Mention the designation of the sender, if applicable)

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