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Pay Order Request Letter


Mr. George Grey

GM Accounts,

ABC Bank Ltd

Southwark Street,

Southwark, London

12 May, 2012

Dear Mr. Grey

Subject: pay order request letter to ABC Bank Ltd

We request you to prepare ten pay orders from your bank which should be payable within Southwark, London area favouring our vendors as per list attached. We need this pay order for the payment of various transactions which will be made on behalf of our company. We have various clients and small sized companies located in this area and in order to make the payments to our clients we request you to issue some pay orders as detailed. Please arrange for the delivery of these pay orders to our office by the 15th of this month. Please avoid any delay in the delivery of these pay orders as it will affect our reputation and business prospects as well.

Please do let us know if any other details are required from our end.

Thanking you

Max Peter.C

ABC Pvt Ltd.



Order Letters

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