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Participant appreciation letter

June 29, 2010

Paul Petford

Ellison Apartments

Nottingham, NG6 2RD

Dear Mr. Petford,

In behalf of the organizers, I would like to thank you for your active participation in the Future Nurses Conference held last June 20-25 at the Nottingham University.  Your participation as a representative of your university greatly contributed to the success of the conference.

As a participant, the organizers noted that you were among the most active.  The insights and ideas you gave in the different roundtable discussions were significant contributions to the formulation of substantial papers.  These papers would be a basis for resolutions that will be forwarded to various schools in the hope that these would help improve the field of education.

We anticipate your continued participation in other meaningful activities.  We see a bright future ahead for students like you and we hope we could also play a role as you achieve more accomplishments.

Yours truly,

Prof. Nick Greenaway

Organizing Head,

Future Nurses Conference

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