Permission Letters

Parental Permission Letter


Ms. Mary D’silva

Springfield Elementary School

45 Charles Street

North Region, Greater London,


Date: 26th January 2012

Subject: Permission to go on the school picnic

Dear Ms. Davis,

I am writing this letter to grant permission to my daughter, Rachel Johns to go on the school picnic to the Abc Adventure Park along with her teachers and classmates on 31st January.

I am given to understand that we would be required to drop our daughter to the school at 8 am and she would be back by 6:30 pm. We have been informed that she would be taken to and brought back from the picnic by a qualified and well trained bus driver and would be accompanied by you and other responsible teachers who would take care of the students. I am granting the permission based on this information.

Also enclosed with this letter is the amount to be submitted for the picnic.

Thanks and Regards,

Angela Johns

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